PieceChips Ahoy Party Kid
ConditionC - 10
Description5" hard plastic
CompanyNabisco Biscuit Co.

The Sprinkled Chips Ahoy Party Kid is not only a trademark character but also a "pop culture collectible." This bendable figure has a face like a chocolate chip cookie sprinkled with rice-like candies. A pair of blue sunglasses rests on his chocolate chip nose. His painted clothes are hot pink print shorts and a pink and white baseball cap is perched precariously on top of his head. His white sneakers are tied with green shoelaces.

The Party Kid is symbolic of the 1990's. He represents the "new age," not a plain, ordinary chocolate chip cookie, but one with razzle-dazzle! As the company's main spokescookie, the Kid is ready for party time, anytime!

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