PieceCampbell Kids
ConditionC - 8
Description2.5" hard plastic
CompanyCampbell Soup Company

This Campbell Girl figure from 1985 is cheering on the head quarterback of the Campbell's team, on his way to a touchdown. Her hair is blond, and tied back with a red ribbon, and she's holding two big white pom-poms. This Campbell Boy figural is from 1985, and show's the cherubic Campbell's child playing America's second favorite pasttime: football. In this pose he's heading toward a touchdown, dressed in his Campbell's uniform of red, gold and white, and carring a football in his right hand. The Campbell's Girl is cheering him on from the sidelines.

The Story of the Campbell Kids

The Campbell Kids may have been the most popular kids in America during most of this century. While they were first drawn in 1904 by artist Grace Gebbie Drayton, the Campbell Soup Company didn't start offering the Campbell Kids as dolls until the 1950's. From then on, they have been "souper" collectibles! They have appeared in all vinyl and cloth and plastic, and have been manufactured by some of the premier toy manufacturing companies in the nation, including Ideal. They have come dressed in costumes ranging from historical representations to simple outfits promoting Campbell's products.

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