PieceMcDonald's Gang
ConditionC - 10
Description2.5" hard plastic
CompanyMcDonald's Corp.

Say Hello, Ronald!
A fun-loving clown with yellow baggy pants, red-striped turtleneck, and big red shoes, Ronald McDonald can speak 21 languages and is an international star, recognized by more than 96% of American children. Now, we all know that Ronald's a big star, but here he is with a star of his own! It even glows in the dark!
Ronald made his first appearance under McDonald's "golden arches" in 1963, and just three short years later was invited to appear in the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. He has been a cartoon, a balloon, a TV star, and a real-life guy portrayed by such famous personalities as Willard Scott, the well-known weatherman of NBC's Today Show.

The clown prince of McDonaldland, Ronald also helps out with charities, such as the Ronald McDonald House and Children's Charities, dedicated to the memory of McDonald's founder, Ray A. Kroc.

Hold on to your buns! This sneaky (but cute!) little guy will make all kinds of McDonaldland food disappear . . . into his pockets! He's especially fond of hamburgers! The Hamburglar was the second character added to McDonald's premium program in 1972, after Ronald himself. The resident mischief maker under the Golden Arches, he keeps Mayor McCheese quite busy!

In his dapper blue policeman's uniform, Officer Big Mac keeps order in McDonaldland. This cheerful fellow really has very little to do, because McDonaldland is such a happy, magical place, but he stays in shape by chasing the Hamburglar.

This big purple blob is sweet and friendly and always asking questions! They call him Grimace, because he's so curious, and he's always asking Ronald -- his best friend -- to explain how things work. For instance, how to use a skateboard or how to bat a baseball. As Grimace learns, the kids in McDonaldland also learn, making this fellow a good example for children. He also sings quite well!

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