PieceMac Tonight
ConditionC - 9
Description3" hard plastic
CompanyMcDonald's Corp.

This cool customer only comes out at night. Wearing a formal tuxedo with a big red bowtie, he's standing in the starlight and singing McDonald's praises.

Mac Tonight embodied McDonald's attempt to attract adult patrons to their restaurants after the kids had gone to bed, and to advertise their new late-night hours. Mac's favorite music was jazz, and on his moon-shaped face he sported cool dark sunglasses. He was occasionally spotted riding his jet-ski, flying his plane over McDonaldland, or driving his convertible to his favorite late-night hang-out under the Golden Arches. Mac knows just how to scoot along into the breeze, especially when he's riding his custom black scooter and wearing silver 'shades!

Here, Mac is a cool harmonica-playing dude, in a black suit instead of a tuxedo, and a red tie instead of a bowtie. He's also wearing cool grey sneakers.

In a green jeep, and wearing brown fatigues, this Mac is the picture of military cool!

Just like they flying aces from WWI, here Mac is an avant-garde aviator, high above the ground in his own open-air prop plane. He's wearing a red jumpsuit, and his turquiose plane has a shiny yellow propellor.

This sporty fellow is riding a jet-ski, and looking cool while he's skimming over the surf!

Here, Mac's heading into the wind on Highway 1, riding a shiny new red motorcycle.

And whether it's day or night, rainy or sunny, he's always wearing his cool 'shades!

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