PieceNoid Bunch
ConditionC - 8
Description2" hard plastic
CompanyDomino's Pizza, Inc.

Avoid the Noid! He wrecks your pizza! He'll freeze it with his wizard's wand, crush it with his jackhammer, blow it to smithereens with his Noid-bomb, or punch it up with his boxing gloves.

The Noid is every pizza lover's nightmare, but he's the best thing that every happened to Domino's Pizza. This skinny, red-suited fiend with his gap-toothed grin is the first advertising character who was invented to try to destroy the very product he promotes. Go figure! But it worked. By "avoiding the noid," Domino's achieved their pie-in-the-sky pizza delivery dreams.

The boisterous boxer, the wise-cracking wizard, and the jack-of-all-trades are the trio of the specialty Noids from the early 1980's.

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