PieceCoca-Cola Polar Bears
ConditionC - 10
Description6" plush
CompanyThe Coca-Cola Co.

These are the bears everyone's been thirsting for! You've seen them on TV delighting fans in millions of dens across the country. This is the one and only Coca-Cola Bear! A lovable visitor from the frozen North, he's guaranteed to warm the home of any family he joins!

During the Christmas season of 1993, there was a new turn of events in Coca-Cola advertising. For nearly 60 years, Santa Claus drinking a refreshing coke had been the company's main advertising during the holiday season. In fact, the realistic Santa Claus they portrayed helped many young Americans get their strongest visual impression of the "jolly old elf." But the chubby, soft, lovable Polar Bear and his family came skating into the scene in 1993, and they became an instant favorite with audiences.

One of these plush figures are wearing a bright red scarf and the other is wearing a white T-shirt with the "Always Coca-Cola" logo on it.

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