PieceEskimo Pie Man
ConditionC - 7
Description15" stuffed
CompanyEskimo Pie Corp.

What better character to advertise an icy cold Eskimo Pie than a cute little Eskimo boy! This adorable child figure is from the mid 1970's, and wears a stylized Eskimo outfit. All the details of this 2-dimensional doll are lithographed.

The Story of the Eskimo Pie

A long time ago, in Iowa, a man named Christian K. Nelson became puzzled by a little boy's indecision between a chocolate candy bar and a scoop of ice cream. When questioned, the freckle-faced boy replied "I want 'em both, but I only got a nickel."

Nelson had an idea. If he could combine the ice cream and the chocolate into a convenient bar, little boys -- and girls -- everywhere could enjoy their two favorite treats at the same time. Naturally, the Eskimo Pie was a smashing success!

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