PieceTang Gang
ConditionC - 10
Description2" hard plastic

Meet the Tang Gang . . .

Lance is the leader, the one showing his muscles. Some call him "hot lips." They say when it comes to smooth-talking, nobody comes close to Lance's golden voice. His friends call him the "king of cool," because he was the first to discover that mouths could actually leave their faces. He can even talk and sip a Tang juice box at the same time!

Awesome Annie is the one with the yellow bow. She's a world-renowned Lip-Sync Champion. Her favorite saying is "sync or die." According to her card, her greatest achievement was to lip-sync, skateboard, moonwalk, and chew gum at the same time. She is now creating her own video.

Flap is the rapper of the group. He doesn't seek out the spotlight, but he's just as talented as the rest of his red hot friends. Here we have a lapel pin and bendy version of him.

Bucky is the shy one, with the overbite, but a friendlier fellow you just can't meet! Bucky also comes in a lapel pin and bendy version.

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