PieceCalifornia Raisins
ConditionC - 8
Description2.5" hard plastic

These superstars in orange and blue sunglasses are some of the Raisins offered specially by DelMonte Fruit Snacks. Aqua and bright orange may not seem like a very "cool" color for hi-fashion, but these robust Raisins make the look work.

These PVC figures were an exceptional recreation of the TV ad where the Raisins "jazz up" a construction worker's boring lunch, by turning his plain sandwich into a stage and performing their greatest hits. This set from 1987 includes a one-inch high sandwich "stage" complete with lettuce, tomato and bologna, and three performing raisins. The stage is musical and plays "I Heard It Through the Grapevine." The Story of the California Raisins

"Oh, yeah, I heard it through the grapevine!"

They were plump, they were purple, and they were "jazzed!" So on a summer's day in 1986, this boisterous bunch of singing raisins sauntered out of their cereal box to put a new wrinkle in advertising history.

The California Raisins became an overnight sensation. In fact, for awhile there, they were so hot that they even had their own 800-number! In their claymation conga line, created by Foote, Cone and Belding's and Will Vinton Productions, they strutted their stuff, belting out soulful tunes, and making a dried up old fruit (the raisin) a lot more exciting. The California Raisin Advisory Board (CALRAB), which sponsored the ads, was thrilled to see their raisin sales plump up more than 20%. And Post Raisin Bran Cereal, with the California crooners "jammin" inside their box, couldn't have been happier. The Raisin Bran box also advertised "Free Stuff from the California Raisins Revue."

The first set of figures offered included a saxophone player and three singers wearing white gloves and different colored tennis shoes. Since then, the original Motown team has been joined by a supporting cast of dozens of characters, including some famous real-life raisin replicas including Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, and Jimi Hendrix. Licensed figures are marked on the bottom of the feet with the date and "CALRAB."

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