PieceFrito Bandito & Gang
Year1967 & 1971
ConditionC - 7
Description2" rubber
CompanyFrito-Lay, Inc.

They call him the Frito Bandito because he loves to steal Fritos corn chips!

Here, he may be a tiny eraser for the top of your pencil, but watch out when he catches a whiff of those crunchy corn chips with their "South of the Border" flavor!

W.C. Fritos , a south-of-the-border "cousin" of the famous comedian W.C. Fields, made a special guest appearance for Fritos products during the 1970s. He's seen here as a tiny rubber pencil-top eraser.

Notorious for their love of the Frito Lays and Cheetos snacks, Muncha Buncha and Cheetos Mouse appear in the group as pencil top erasers.

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