PieceLifesavers Flavor Gang
ConditionC - 10
Descriptionhard plastic
CompanyPlanters/LifeSavers Co.

The Lifesavers Story

This popular candy with the hole in the middle was developed and marketed by Clarence Crane, the father of the well-known American poet Hart Crane. Clarence was a chocolate candy manufacturer based in Cleveland, Ohio. Lifesavers were first marketed in 1913.

Outlandish Orange is the juiciest member, who has a cool propeller on his beany, and only one tooth in his beaming smile!

Perky Pineapple may come all the way from Hawaii, but he fits right in, thanks to his perky personality and zany pineapple hat.

Wacky Wild Cherry is the coolest member as he leads his "ring" of zany characters through adventure after adventure!

Laughin' Lemon is a bright and perky member of the Lifesavers Flavor Gang. Unlike his lemony characteristic sour nature, HIS nature is sweet and happy!

Looney Lime is the prankster of the group. Just look at that tongue he's sticking out at you! But his antics are all in fun!

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