PieceBaby Beauregard
Description5" plastic
CompanyBorden, Inc.

Elsie the cow is more than just another pretty face. She was singled out from the herd to become the Borden company's mascot in the late 1930's. She made her first live appearance, dressed in her Sunday best, during the New York World's Fair in 1939. From then on Elsie became more popular than every American celebrity except the President, and her face was pictured on milk bottle caps all over the country. In 1940, Elsie was invited back to the World's Fair, but she also had a Hollywood movie contract to fulfill (starring in the RKO film "Little Men"), so Borden became a bovine matchmaker and found Elsie a husband. Elmer took her place at the World's Fair while Elsie made her mark in tinsel town. A few years later, the world's leading dairy couple had a baby calf. They named him Beauregard after a national contest suggested more than a million different baby names. Elmer took a permanent job with Elmer's glue to support the family, and shortly thereafter twin calves Larabee and Lobelia were born. While Elsie rarely makes TV appearances anymore, she is still the center of attention at Borden, where she appears in the center of the famous Elsie Daisy logo.

This representation of Baby Beauregard is a plastic rattle toy from the 1950's. He's an adorable pink calf wrapped in a white diaper held up by a big safety pin. He's drinking from his bottle, which is filled with little white plastic chips that move and rattle, and he's making cow eyes at his Mom. His big ears and blushing little cheeks make him completely irresistible!

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