A Special Exhibit on Cereal Advertising Icon Toys

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Museum of Advertising Icons

Since the Quaker Oats man became the first registered breakfast cereal trademark in 1877, breakfast cereals have been synonymous with characters like Tony the Tiger of Kelloggs, the Trix Rabbit, and Post's Sugar Bear.

These whimsical characters have become important participants in American pop culture, having had some of history's most extensive advertising campaigns based on their likenesses.

As with hundreds of other Advertising Icons, many of the cereal characters became three dimensional toys, offered as premiums, used for advertising displays, and featured in special promotions.

Collecting Toys Magazine featured "Toys for Breakfast" in their August 1996 issue, covering all varieties of cereal-related toys.

Here in this Exhibit, we draw from the shelves of The Museum of Advertising Icons to display over 30 toys and collectibles that specifically represent the advertising icon characters used to promote breakfast cereals.

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